"What I read today, 06 July 2009, 0900-1200"

In fact, i didn't read anything today but i saw and experienced a lot from the lecture today!

06 July 2009 will be a very meaningful day to me, because I started my first class in HBP, USM today! Early in the morning, everyone is sleepy but I think no one will fall asleep in the class due to the interesting talk or a speech given by the lecturer,  Encik Wan Burhanuddin bin Wan Abidin. He talks about the topic reading and documenting. He has reminded me that a word “read” does contain a lot of meaning. There are forty over definitions of “read” from his slide which surprise me a lot. And then, he gave a talk about the three main elements in constructing a product. They are intention, act and product. Of course, before we do something, of course we have the intention at the first place. And then we will consider for the actions we should take in order to get our product we wanted. This topic also reminds me whenever I do things; there is intention before I take action.

Then, Encik Wan introduced the lecturers and the studio-masters. He introduced them one by one but I couldn’t remember their names. I have to refer to the guide book to recognize who they are. The next thing was the 14 weeks program that we will be participating shown by Encik Wan. There are a lot but I think with the guide of the lecturers, we could handle it.

As a matter of fact, I will be taking Construction Management as my course of study and it will take approximately 3 years to complete. I believe I can learn well and do well in HBP. I do believe that I can learn and do well in HBP because of its facilities and capable lecturers are available too. USM, or the University Of Science of Malaysia is also known by many as the University in the Garden. This is due the plants, flowers and trees planted all around the campus. Therefore, it provides me with a comfortable and peaceful feeling while studying in the USM.

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