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 Seen and unseen

Today, 24th of July (Friday), we were given a talk by Dr. Ilias Said about Seen and Unseen. Before he started the talk, he wanted us to fill up the seats in front otherwise he will cancel the talk. So we followed his instruction and filled up the seats. I guess he really want us to pay attention in the talk.

Then, he started his slide about two boys, a poor boy and a rich boy. They both received the offer letter from USM and they were very happy and excited. Whether the rich boy or the poor boy, they had the same excitement, the same dream that are earn a lot of money, drive a grand car and having a sexy girlfriend. Both of their family also gave a high hope and expectation on them when they were entering USM. These really remind me of the first day I entered USM with the luggage and my parents helped me to carry it. I just recall that actually entering University not only brought hope to me but also my family especially my parents. They really want me to succeed in life. As a daughter, although I have to bear of these high hopes and expectations, but I know that I should put more effort in my study now and also always follow the right way to achieve my dreams.

Besides that, Dr. Ilias Said showed us the slides of the two boys after entering the university. They have downgraded their dreams when they started to feel the stress. Their appearances don’t look like how they were on the first day in USM. Not only for the boys, the girls changed in their appearances too. They started to look unbecoming through the wear. Dr. Ilias Said actually wanted to tell us about the discipline we should have in the University. He asked us to take a look at the seniors and notice the changes to them. In fact, he was just giving us an example and advice to us. We should take consideration in any aspect before we do something. It’s good to prevent the negative results in life.

Lastly, Dr. Ilias Said gave an advice to analyse our strength and so on to keep us clear to what we have because there are a lot of unseen and seen in ourselves.

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