7th of August

Everyone assembled at the Tapak Berkawat and took attendance at 9am. We were waiting to get onto the bus. The weather wasn’t very good and it was a small rain that morning. We departed at 10am after everyone has got onto the bus.

 At 1pm, we reached the camp- KEM CINTA ALAM KELIMAT at Sungai Siput, Perak. It was a remote area. We have our lunch there before progress to the next activity.

 After lunch, we were divided into 12 groups. 4 groups out of the 12 groups were combined to form a company. Therefore, there were 3 companies which are formed by 4 groups of students. Every group has an Alang and every company has a Kuda. The former is the head of the group and the later is the head for the company. We have an Along which is the head of all the participants.

After that, a group of 5 will be provided by a camp. We have to get into our groups formed by Malay, Chinese and Indian or the original people. My camp members are 2 Malays, 1 Chinese and 1 original people.

In the night, we were having ice breaking and games to let us know each other better. It was really fun. And I think all of us were enjoying that night.

After the activities end, we got back to our own camp to have a rest. I remember it was already 12 in the midnight. When I was in my sweet dream, I was waked by the siren. I was so tired but we have to assemble at the field still. In fact, there was an activity waiting for us. It was JUNGLE TRACKING!!! Wow~ I have never tried this before in my life.


8th August

It was already 2 in the morning; we were assembling into our groups and follow the instructors to enter the jungle. One more thing that frightens me a lot was the facilitators was acting ghost along the way we entered the jungle. That was the funniest part! Haha~!

I fell in the jungle about 4 times. It was really a very fresh and impressive experience that I had in my life. The most unfortunate thing was I got allergy after the jungle tracking. That was the most disappointed thing that happened to me during the camp.

We finished jungle tracking activity at about 5 in the morning. And then we went back to the field again. After that, we went to have our breakfast.

For our lunch that day, we have to cook it ourselves. They provided us with all the necessary ingredients that needed for our cooking. I think our group took a longer time than other groups to finish the cooking. It was because we have difficulty in starting a fire. But, finally we managed to finish it also. For us to cook in that condition, it considered quite delicious for the meal that day. Haha~!

We continue with our activity until 12.30 in the midnight. Finally we have a better sleep that night.


 9th August

This is the last day we were in the camp. We woke up at 5.30 in the morning and attended the moral class. After that, we went for the morning exercise and then we had our breakfast.

Then, come to the closing ceremony of the camp. They played the slide show of our photos from the 1st day until the last day. It made us recall of the 1st day we came to the camp and what we did. I really enjoy the camp a lot. It gave me a different experience!


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