"My Big Bang!"

6th of July 2009

At 2pm, then, we went back to building E48B again where we are suppose to receive the instructions from several seniors from HBP, regarding what activities or events that will be going on during the orientation day. We were told that there will be various activities and sports on those days. Activities like ice breaking and many more help us to get along with each other. These activities also help us to understand and get to know each other better. By doing so, I believe we will be able to help each other better in the future. And finally, there will be a grand dinner on the last day and i believe it will be a memorable day!!

My Big Bang, I think none of us will know what this is until we undergo the programs.

The orientation programs start on 9th of July until 12th of July.

Day 1 (9th of July)

Today, it's about sports! Everyone dressed in sports wear and was heading to the stadium for the activity held by the seniors. The seniors divided us into 16 groups and I was in group 13. We introduced each other and we were watching the matches together. There were matches between the lecturers, seniors and juniors and they have their own potential and they played very well. We really enjoy watching it. On the same time, we were chatting among our group members too. Some of them were from Pahang, Selangor and Kelantan. They shared their hometown's story with us. We are very lucky to know more about their hometown and culture too. It's really different. And me and the other group member are from Penang and we were pleasantly  welcomed them to Penang, the beautiful island. After the matches end, we were back to our own desasiswa and have a rest to carry on the activities the next day.

Day 2 (10th of July)

We have class until 12pm. After that, the seniors brought us our Big Bang T-shirt and the Big Bang tag. Finally we got it and we can wear it to attend all the activities. At 3pm, we were back to building E48B. Everyone wear the Big Bang T-shirt to attend the opening ceremony of our orientation programs.

 The Dean of HBP, Professor Ir. Dr. Mahyuddin Ramli and the Deputy Dean, Dr. Aldrin Abdullah attend to the opening ceremony. Both of them gave us speeches and then followed by our senior. The ceremony was short and simple yet meaningful. Thanks to them for coming!

And then, we came to Dataran Merah at about 8pm and we gathered into our group. The activity now is ice breaking. The seniors told us what should we do briefly and they provided two facilitators for each group. They gave us a task which is forming a name, cheers and a sculpture to represent our group. 4 manila cards given to each group and we brought our own glue, marker pen, masking tape, scissors and stapler for building the sculpture. Before we proceed to build the sculpture, we discuss the name for our group first. Finally we decide to name it NON-STOP. It's mean we hope that School of HBP will keep going on and improving nonstop to hold the image of APEX university. Next, we make use of the manila cards and fold it into the shape of cone. We made 3 of them, the cones represent the logo of APEX and another manila card was used to make a ship. We built our sculpture by placing the ship on top of the 3 cone. The ship has a very huge meaning. It meant every one of us came from different places and some of us are from overseas came to USM, Penang to further our study. We wrote the name of 13 states in Malaysia and international too on the body of the ship. The 3 cone which is the Apex logo also brought a meaning of the 3 main races in Malaysia which are Malay; Chinese and Indian unite to form a harmony community in order to achieve harmony. Although the sculpture we built was quite simple but it has a lot of meaning in it.

 After we have done the sculpture, we created cheers for our group. Then we present our sculpture and the cheers to our senior who played the role as a judge. We tried our best to present it and finally we got comment from the judges that we were not bad. Haha!!! We were quite happy with the comment.

After all the groups have finished their presentation, we went back to our hostel.


Day 3 ( 11th of July)

We went to the Dataran Merah again this morning and this time we were provided with a packet of straw, raffia string, an egg, a plastic bag and newspaper. We were asked to create something which can protect the egg from a fall.

 We have built the thing for the egg. This is the group photo with our product. 

 The group members were letting go the egg from the 3rd floor.

And.. Fortunately... we have passed the challenge! Our egg is safe and sound. HAHA~~~


The next activity is at 8.30pm. That time was raining heavily and the explorace also have been proceeding as plan.

We really have a great time that night, a lot of games and they were really interesting. Although the games made us dirty and untidy, but we got the great experience from it.



Day 4 (12th of July)

This is the last day of our orientation program. And we went to Dataran Merah at 10.30am to discuss the performance that we are going to perform that night. We were picked to perform the dance. Group 13 and Group 14 were combined for one performance. We picked the song for the dance and then we start to practice.

After the practice, we went back to hostel again.

At 8pm, we went back to Dataran Merah again for the grand dinner. I was really looking forward for it. The decoration by the seniors really surprised me. It's really beautiful. The candles along the floor made the condition romantic. The foods were not bad and I like the BBQ chicken a lot. We enjoyed the food and the performance by the other groups. If I am not mistaken, we were the sixth group to perform on the stage. We practiced for the last time before we went to the stage. I was really nervous that time but my group members were convincing me and giving me confident. They really comfort me. Lastly, we perform quite well and we got a hamper as award.

 Before the dinner end, the party Queen and King have been chosen.

It was a very great night and I really did enjoy it a lot. Thanks to the seniors of HBP and whoever involved in holding this.

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