Basically, the material I used for making the mask are 

1. Paper, tissue paper, newspaper

2. tepung ubi kayu ( for making the glue)

3. Poster colour

4. Water

First of all, me and my partner, Li Peng decided to use wet tissue to cover our face for the first layer. Before that, we tear the tissue paper and paper into small pieces first. And the glue was prepared by mixing the Tepung ubi kayu with hot water.

This is the first layer of the mask and then Li Peng applied glue on the first layer and started to paste the newspaper on it. after the newpaper's layer, she pasted the A4 paper on it because A4 paper is thicker.

 After the shape of the mask is done, I let it on my face for a while first for it to dry. After that, I remove it from my face and I let it dry for a night time . Now, is the turn to make it thicker and more stable. I added layers od newspaper again.

After finish pasting the layers of newspaper, the last layer is the white A4 papers. That will be easier for me to apply colour on my mask. The colour I use for painting my face is the colour which is most similiar to my skin colour.  After the painting, i draw my eyebrow on the mask.

Finally my mask is done!! And i can wear it on my face for the sbmission!! 

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